Wainwrights On The Air (WOTA for short) is an adventure radio programme for amateur radio enthusiasts who enjoy being out on the fells of the English Lake District, as well as those who just like collecting contacts with unusual locations, and has been designed to make participation possible for everyone..

COVID-19 Please note that the WOTA programme is suspended due to COVID-19. Government advice currently dictates that WOTA is not a suitable activity to be undertaking. Please do not enter activation or chaser contacts during this period as they will be removed. We wish everyone all the best in this difficult time, please check back for updates regularly or ask on the forum if you have any questions.


Julian Moss, G4ILO, activating Lord's Seat with Skiddaw in the background

Similar to Summits On The Air (SOTA), the goal is to make contacts from, or with, as many different summits as possible. All of the 214 fells described by Alfred Wainwright in his famous Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells, and all of the 116 fells described in his famous Outlying Fells Of Lakeland, count for contacts, and an award will be made to anyone who contacts or activates all of them! But if you just want to add some radio interest to your walks in the hills, that's fine too. Taking part in WOTA will add to your fun by increasing the number of people wanting to contact you.

For more information see About WOTA.



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Jan 3, 2020

Welcome to 2020!


Happy New Year to everyone involved in WOTA - both activators, chasers and those behind the scenes keeping everything running smoothly.

The website and programme only remain due to the kind donations of participants in 2019. It has come to the time again where I invite those who are able to please contribute to the upkeep of the site again for 2020. We have been able to attract a number of new participants this year.

Jun 16, 2019

Congratulations to Andrew and Karen


Congratulations to Andrew and Karen Field who have just been awarded the Fell Walker Foundation Award. Phil G4OBK has updated the awards page.

Andrew 2E0IME achieved his award on 05/05/2019 by working Karen M7KAZ/P from The Knott. He also worked John G0TDM, MM3ZCB and Geoff GM4WHA/M. Andrew is on a roll having subsequently activated 6 summits.

Karen M7KAZ achieved her award on 09/06/2019 by working Geoff GM4WHA from High Pike (Caldbeck). She also worked Sue G1OHH and John G0TDM.

Thank you both for being such active participants in WOTA and I hope to work you from a summit soon.

Mark M0NOM

Jun 13, 2019

SOTA CSV Upload Facility


The SOTA CSV Import Facility is now live and can be used to log both activator and chaser points using the popular SOTA CSV file format. This saves the tedium of entering contacts manually and is hoped it will encourage SOTA activators and chasers to participate in the WOTA awards programme.

Feb 11, 2019

Fell Walker Foundation Award


Foundation Award Certification Sample To encourage licenced Radio Amateurs to start fell walking with a Transceiver, the Wainwrights On The Air Steering Group have introduced the Fell Walker Foundation Award.

The free award can be claimed by climbing and completing amateur radio contacts from any ten of the 330 Lake District summits listed in A.Wainwrights eight pictorial guides.

For more information and to get registered go to http://www.wota.org.uk/nm_signup.html

Feb 10, 2019

Awards Issued - G4OBK


Congratulations to three stations who received WOTA Awards this week:

  • Reg Irving 2E0LDF - 2018 Annual Fell Walker Award - 60 summits
  • Sue Griffin G1OHH - 2018 Annual Fell Watcher Award - 304 points
  • Mark Wickens M0NOM - Fell Walker Foundation Award - 10 summits