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Latest spots

Today, 14:03M6VID/P on LDW-181 - Gowbarrow Fell145.525 FM
Posted by G4WHA
Today, 11:332E0MIX/P on LDW-153 - Lank Rigg145.300 fm
Posted by M1MPB
Today, 10:46M6VID/P on LDW-203 - Hallin Fell145.300 FM
Posted by G4WHA
Today, 10:46M6VID/P on LDW-203 - Hallin Fell145.300 fm

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Activation announcements

(Time UTC/GMT)

Wed 17 Sep 14, 11:00M6VID on LDW-203 - Hallin Fell145 fm
with xyl. time aprox. Her first climb for years!Posted by M6VID
Wed 17 Sep 14, 13:002E0MIX/P on LDW-153 - Lank Rigg145.500 - fm
Radio + GeocachingPosted by 2E0MIX
Wed 17 Sep 14, 15:00M6VID on LDW-181 - Gowbarrow Fell145 fm
time aproxPosted by M6VID

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Sep 12 2014, 18:32First go at radio and hikingPosted by M6VID
Sep 09 2014, 19:23KML/GPX FilesPosted by G4OBK
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